Anne Isaksson
Anne Isaksson is a Swedish visual artist working primarily in film, who lives and works in London. She is a founding member of London based collective States of Exchange (SoE), part of Centre for Creative and Cultural Practice (CCP) and a former member of Ceramics Studio Coop. She has had exhibitions in UK from 2012 onwards with her first solo show at OXO Tower in 2016 and recent shows include: The River, The Bridge on River Dorn, Woodstock; Baltic Memory and Landscape, Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey.
In 2019 Anne underwent open heart surgery which launched her on an exploration of her place in landscape from a new perspective. She is currently undertaking a doctorate in Fine Arts at University of East London exploring dislocation, connecting feminist and identity formation theory to her investigations. She expresses identity as ambivalent and continuous, as well as being part of a reflexive process. She uses autobiography applied as autotheory to reflect on our vulnerability and as a means to engage in the debate of body politics through identification where the personal is political.
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