Carolyn Whittaker
...freeze hang melt, eat sleep repeat...
Friday 5th – Sunday 14th April
PV: Thursday 4th April 6- 8pm. FINNISSAGE: Sunday 14th April 2-4pm
Carolyn Whittaker: ...freeze hang melt, eat sleep repeat…is the London-based artist’s first solo exhibition. The exhibition explores the relationship between the elements of time, change and risk at conceptual and material levels. The artist uses ice to demonstrate that ‘nothing is ever left as nothing’. The viewer is invited to observe the performative nature of the object slowly changing form, and therefore participating in the risks associated with the outcome.

The artist also exhibits work which continues her theme of examining the establishment’s relationship to ‘the worker’ through her crushed, reformed and regrouped objects. Both themes are connected by the artist’s interest in repetition of tasks or process, the structure and routine this provides while contrasted with the unknown of ever-changing forms.

Instagram: @carolynwhittakerj 

For viewings outside gallery opening hours please contact @carolynwhittakerj or @bothgalleryldn
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