Home Work
Louise Richards
22nd September - 1st October
Private view: Thursday 21st September, 6-8 PM​​​​​​​
Louise is a London based, visual artist recently graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in  Fine Art, 2021.  She presents Home Work, Solo show at Blue on the Hill Gallery.
The domestic environment and everyday aesthetics are evident in her art practice and became especially significant in lockdown when her home became her muse.  Louise’s sense of place and awareness of the everyday became heightened and she became conscious of the rhythms within her home along with the materiality and functionality of everyday utensils.  The skills and creativity needed to run a home became evident and the violence expressed in the vocabulary associated with cooking eg,  beating, slicing, whipping, processes that offer an opportunity to vent frustrations.. 
Louise explored these themes through a combination of mark making printing, drawing, and photography to create videos, animations, and limited-edition digital prints and paintings, many of which are to be seen in the exhibition.
Continuing her fascination with household objects she turned her attention to the packaging that encases our fruit and vegetables. These non-biodegradable nets have a beauty of their own but are problematic.  The nets are used as a focus for her mixed media paintings exploring this dichotomy.
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