Walnut Works
Carole Griffiths: carolegriffiths.co.uk, @griffsculpt
Alison Lam: www.alisonlam.art, @alisonlam_art
Stephen Nelsonwww.stephenelson.com, @stephenelson2015
Open 19th-28th July
PV Thursday 18th July 6-8PM
Gallery open 12-4pm Fri-Sun
We are pleased to showcase the work of Carole Griffiths, Alison Lam and Stephen Nelson.  Throughout the year these three established artists have pushed the boundaries of their creative practices; exploring the process of working with bronze at the Walnut Works foundry in the Suffolk countryside. 
Each artist received individual assistance, guidance and technical support from Walnut Works; enabling them to expand and refine their artistic vision from this remarkable material.  This considered collaboration has culminated in a collection of bronze sculpture with each artist's individual sensibilities given an opportunity to come to the fore.
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